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Conférences professionnelles

Groupe COMPASS, leader mondial de la restauration concédée

Conférence du 19 mars 2013 par Guillaume SEMERIA-SOUCAIL (Responsable du recrutement chez Compass Group).
Le groupe COMPASS est le leader mondial de la restauration concédée.

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La restauration hors foyer en 2010. Marché et évolution


Conférence du 17 novembre 2011
par Bernard BOUTBOUL (Directeur Général de la société GIRA CONSEIL)

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Higher education in Malaysia: trends and policies

Par Pradeep NAIR Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Taylor’s University

Malaysia’s journey in higher education has taken different phases since 1960 and many initiatives have been undertaken since then to keep up with the changing world trends and need for human capital.
These initiatives demand reactive and proactive reforms in Higher Education (HE) strategies and policies.
The world of education is highly dynamic, influenced by the wider political, economic, social and environmental climates. Education backed by clear and sound policies, can improve the prospects for human resources, thus making education highly significant to the overall human resource climate within any industry.
As such, this paper is intended to explore the Higher Education (HE) explosion in the world, HE in Malaysia, its trends and responding policies, challenges and way forward for Malaysian HE.

The paper studied the trends of quantitative expansion, diversification, constraints on funding and resources and enhanced internationalization.
The policy initiatives addressing these trends and the challenges posed by the trends; future scenarios in response to world trends; and other national and regional issues were discussed. This paper would be of help for public and private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and also for government for future strategy and policy initiatives.
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