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 Welcome to Isthia
After 25 years dedicated to the development and promotion of professional training schemes in the areas of tourism, hospitality and food both in France and abroad, CETIA has become ISTHIA and was granted the status of  “Higher School  of Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies”, at Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès (ex Mirail) in April 2012.

ISTHIA   pursues 5 main goals:

1. Providing quality education in tourism, hospitality and food studies
2. Enhancing an innovative educational model focusing on a multidisciplinary approach and professionalism
3. Coupling training to research  and innovation
4. Engaging in partnerships with the academic and economic stakeholders
5. Fostering international collaborations to build bridges for further development

With over 1,000 students on the Toulouse, Foix and Kuala Lumpur sites and a large training portfolio on offer at BMD levels, ISTHIA is a worthwhile choice for study.

Jean-Pierre POULAIN, director.