Body Modification and Employability in the Hotel Sector: The Case Study of Tattooed Workers in mid-scale Hotels, cross Cultural Research: France versus Spain


Type de travail universitaire
Master Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies (THFS)
Master 1
Direction des travaux
PEU Anaël
Année de réalisation


Auteur du document
FAUREIL Victorine



With an emphasis on France and Spain, it explores the complex world of tattooed workers in the hospitality sector. It discusses the conflict between the growing number of tattoos and persistent social stigmas, especially in work environments. It places tattoos in the perspective of Western society and the industry’s emphasis on the appearance of employees. This provides insight into two main questions: first, how tattoo views affect hiring procedures; and second, how society culture affects tattooed workers’ employability. It aims to find out more about hiring discrimination, obstacles to career advancement, and customers relationships. To understand identity, appearance, and the dynamics of the workplace in contemporary society.


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